Scratch Disk Productions

Apr 16

Adam took some time to film an acoustic set with duo We Walk On Ice here for their track “Quicksand”

Jan 29

Celebrating Record Store Day in the good old town of Leicester. Here’s a promo I shot for Rockaboom Records

Jan 29

Samuel Beckett’s Come and Go

A challenge to turn Samuel Beckett’s play Come and Go into film format transpired in us creating this.

Jan 29

Midnight Wire - Not Just Selfish

In the space of 24 hours we created, shot, edited and uploaded another video for Midnight Wire. Here’s the results..

Jan 29

An Acoustic shot by Omar back in Leicester over the Summer of Midnight Wire.

Mar 14

Little video i put together again a music based thing for Burial & Four Tet’s new tune Wolfcub.

Woodland Vibes.

Enjoy Safe Tom :)

Feb 17

Something i whipped up, was out and about testing out the 7D at night ended up putting it together as a little teaser to burial’s new ep.

Song: Burial - Kindred

Safe Tom.

Feb 9

An evening of free time and wine allowed us to bring to you the musical gifts of Michael Harisson Rudd….

Feb 9

Property of L.O.C.

An L.O.C training video to show new employees how NOT to behave during their term of employment.

Feb 9

Midnight Wire - ‘Oh Lola’

Our first production. Midnight Wire’s brilliant debut single.